Why Mind Training is so important

It's now a proven scientific fact that our minds and our DNA are linked. The scientists have finally caught up with what I have been saying for years!

What this means is our minds and our bodies are not separate and the link between these 2 aspects is our DNA, which changes as we change our minds. Genetics is therefore not set in stone. Our bodies conform to our genetic codes and these codes change as we change our minds. This is now scientific fact.

Evidential link to the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton

It doesn't matter what you consider yourself to be or what your understanding is of other aspects, such as, your brain, your spirit, your soul; because how you view these aspects doesn't change what they are. However, your body does change as your mind changes. In fact, your mind is the governor of your body. This is why Mind Training is so important.

The fact that you can listen to your mind and just observe it, is evidence that you are not it. So who is the one who is listening? Who is you?

It doesn't even matter if you can't answer that question. All that matters is that you can see that you are both the observer and the adjudicator of your mind. What you allow to run in your mind is shaping the condition of your body.

What is a person's state of health going to be like if their mind is out of control? Is health just a chance thing? No it isn't. It takes a trained mind to create a beautiful reality. I can help you train it.

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