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I am a self-development author and have written / published 2 books, namely, We are here to know ourselves (2009) and more recently The Question Is (revised & updated Sept 15). I have been counselling people face to face and online for over 20 years and I have had success with many cases that other 'mind therapists' have referred to me.

Originally, I trained with the Midland Institute of Hypnotherapy (now part of the British School of Yoga) in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Some 10 years later (in the early 90's), I was trained by Paul Kitson, Osteopath from Stourbridge. I worked with Paul for about a year, often working unsupervised because of my ability at getting results with patients. At the same time, I attended advanced Osteopathic training with the eminent Professor Laurie Hartman, which consisted of several weekend workshops at the Centre for Professional development in Integrative Osteopathic technique in London:


Further, I underwent training with John Williams, Osteopath at the Atlas Pain Clinic in Tamworth:


I then studied Thai massage with Sarah Black (Mosely, Birmingham) and was certified by her. I also trained with Body Harmonics of Cheltenham in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese Acupuncture) and more Thai Massage. I have also picked up Reiki and Swedish massage certificates along the way.

As from October 2018 I am working from Mill Street, Kidderminster. I do various holistic therapies - Counselling for self-empowerment, Manual therapy for Back & Joint Care, Acupuncture to balance health, Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss Clinics, all stress-related pain successfully treated.

Please note: If you have a bad back or stiff neck or other joint problem, you generally have 4 options - you can see your GP and or a Physiotherapist, or you can visit an Osteopath, Chiropractor or Manual therapist.

Physiotherapy has its limitations; especially when it comes to spinal adjustment and manipulation, which is more often than not necessary and generally brings immediate results. This is why I have met several Physiotherapists on the Osteopathic courses I have done. Chiropractic is almost entirely diagnostic, which invariably results in spinal adjustment. Osteopaths offer a wider range of treatments including soft tissue work, mobilisation/articulation and of course joint manipulation similar to Chiropractors.

I am a Manual (manipulative) therapist. I diagnose similar to Osteopaths and treat using a combination of Osteopathic technique, soft tissue massage and Thai massage. I am also a Counsellor and Acupuncturist. I am fully insured for Manipulation (including HVT), Thai Massage, Counselling and Acupuncture.

Email me for further information - gary at whatstress dot com

I am the creator of TerraCharter and TerraTrada

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