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I was an ordinary bloke from a working class background who became interested in self-development and pursued that to the point I am at today - it is the most important thing in my life. So it's no accident that I write about what I am mainly interested in, not only for my own benefit of crystallising what I have come to know, but also to share my wisdom with you in case it can help you in some way in your life.

Can we square our material lives with a deeper spiritual existence? Yes we can, but to do so we need a little bit of deeper knowledge...

Is the pursuit of money the wrong path? No it's not. Even the staunch materialist eventually realises that no amount of materialism brings happiness. So, apart from basic survival, why do people relentlessly pursue wealth? As Dr Joe Dispenza puts it, "the emotional payoff of money is freedom". People are really desiring freedom - the freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want.

So let's take this a step further. What's the emotional pay off of freedom? To the 'body conscious' it's all the ways one can bring pleasure to the body. To the 'deeper conscious' it's Joy.

Joy is the highest emotion there is and it's the 'pay off' of living from the highest consciousness. It doesn't require you to have any money, but when you're there you just attract everyone/ everything that brings you joy :)

So can you bring joy into your life against the backdrop of how you've already created your life to date? Yes you can and you'd be a fool not to. In fact, you can go all the way to the capstone without a single penny! The way to do it is simple but you won't do it unless you understand why it works - so here it is:

Think about how the original creation came about. It came through contemplation in the dark - nice clue.

Now think about the scientific fact that your brain works the same way whether it's being fed by environmental stimuli, through your five senses, or whether you envision something new with your eyes closed.

If you let your environment lead you then your brain is only equal to it and you re-create your surroundings similar most days...

When you wake up in the mornings, if you keep your eyes closed until you have envisioned something new, you will start to change your life...

To create joy in your life, on a daily basis, you have to not open your eyes in the mornings until you have tasted joy...

You cannot predict who will be in your future; you can only know the consciousness you will be. You are on the right track when you are driving your external reality from the conscious work you are doing internally.

The best thing you can do in your life is to consciously create your reality because then you've only got people in your life who are consistent with the new you and nothing is left to chance.

The Capstone - Mind = Unconditional Love, Body = Radiantly Healthy, Emotion = Joy, Beingness = Entirely Beautifull

Why would anyone not want to be that?

Keep changing your mind - that's evolution! As you change your mind you change your genes. As you change your mind you neurologically unhook the old patterns and you re-wire to what you envision whilst you're in the Theta state. I am... I am... I am... I am...

The Theta state is the first state you wake to before you open your eyes and it's the state you experience when you know you are in deep meditation. It's the state you can consciously create from. It's no good just calming the mind and body down because that creates nothing! It's what you put there, whilst you're in that state, that makes all the difference ~ Gary Bate

P.s. It's time to demystify the mystics

Why do these monks climb mountains and go into caves to meditate for days? They do it because they know a truth – that their reality is what they are wired for in their brains. So they go into the darkness and they don't come out until they have re-wired themselves. The monk might just focus on something like gratitude and as he's doing that he's wiring it into his future experience. So intent and intense is his focus that he wires gratitude and at the same time he unwires everything in his life that's not in alignment with gratitude.

Now gratitude is a good one that we should all wire because if we are grateful and appreciative then life gives us more to be grateful and appreciative about!

So what do you want to wire up to and unwire from? Do you think that if your focus on Radiant Health is strong, you will unwire dis-ease? What about Joy? Do you think a focus on Joy in a theta state will not only wire you for Joy but unwire all of your 'emotions'? That's how it works!

The life you are experiencing is down to how you are wired. The monks wire up to Great Mind and in doing so unwire from the shallow ways of men and women. The brains of monks are the same as your brain and my brain. The process of re-wiring is the same for us all. So it begs the questions – what aspects of Great Mind do you want to wire up to? Are you willing to let go of the past? ~ Gary.

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