As Spirit with a Soul and a pure Mind, we came across the dividing bridge to experience a Body with its emotions and a mind that supports the Body. We came for the experience and to return home wiser for it, with a body that knows its master.

We are to consume the lower Body mind with our deeper Spiritual mind, thereby owning our emotions as wisdom and rejuvenating our vehicles in the process. We return home with a completed Soul and bodies under the total control or our Spirit. We are both time-travellers and adventurers.

Many are 'lost' - addicted to the lower bodymind and its emotions. This depreciates the vehicle and causes one to lose it. They are trapped on the wrong side of the bridge, recycled for another try. They have no prior life memory but they are Spirit with a Soul and a deeper mind; so they always have many chances at waking up to understand this.

Before you crossed the bridge you were neither male or female. This is why returning across the bridge, with your body, is all about balancing the male and female energies in you. Gender is only on the one side of the bridge; the place you are viewing this from now. This is why I say that enlightenment is all about being who you are, rather than acting like you are a man or a woman.

You find a man or a woman particularly beautiful? What is that? It's Self recognition! What happens when you recognise the divine in everyone? Hasn't everyone just strayed and not returned home? Yes you have... ~ Gary Bate

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