Everyone has one or more psychological weaknesses and often we don't see it in ourselves because we're too busy being it. Even when someone else points it out, it can often take a long time before we fully accept it. Then it can take an even longer time before we completely overcome it.

So what is the effect of 'owning' a weakness and what does it effectively mean? The effect is, you remove that bias from your psyche and you see more clearly (you have removed the lens you were previously viewing through). It means you have taken a step up in your own evolution.

Owning all of your weaknesses is climbing all the way to the top of the consciousness pyramid. Can you ever imagine doing that? What would that look like? Imagine if you reached a point where you treated all men and all women exactly the same, with unconditional love, that is what it looks like..

Everything is about relative importance. What is important to one person is not as important to another person and vice versa. Changing the relative importance in your life is owning your life.

The problem we all seem to have is not recognising when an experience is over. It's not offering us anything new but we hang on in there because we are simply addicted to it ~ Gary Bate.

The Question Is


Exploring the link between Consciousness
and Health.

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Your understanding is imperative to your health. Your mind and your body are not separate. The language you use when thinking and talking about yourself has to be precise in order to stop the rot. Do not confuse what you are with your body.


We are here to know ourselves -
a journey to discover YOU.

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Many talk of unconditional love but they don't understand it. And some know that to know love and truth, they have to BE love and LIVE their personal truth.

But what does that mean in practical terms? It means coming from and approaching life from a higher consciousness, an improved attitude of giving without any expectations or ulterior motives; an improved attitude of allowing others instead of judging them or trying to manipulate them.

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