This is the first time I have seen your site! A breath of fresh air. I only read the conscious section ... but I will be exploring your entire site very soon. Really nice work! Elegant Art! And the energy of intention that was and IS behind this artistic creation of love and truth is incredible. Exactly what the entire world needs. Now all one needs to do is to figure out how to get the world to WANT ... what it not NEEDS. :-)

Gary ... you have some really insightful quotes ... like footprints telling me ... where you have been. Really, really Nice ... and thanks for being "where you are at" to share what you are trying to do ...for those that are willing to continue to be curious.

Really a nice contribution to this planet's future Gary!

Lawrence J. Carson II

Aah, thank you so much for this. I can't tell you how much it helps and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :) I've been trying to, or rather have been, focusing on my thoughts as much as possible. So many years of negative thinking... I know it's hard for many but I was so ADDICTED to negative thinking: it was like breathing the air I needed. I could've made a living out of it! In fact, I was slowly dying from it.
I've been dissecting my background and family members who've contributed to paving my self-destructive path - but not like I used to; not with the intention to blame ( I gave that up years ago) but just to observe who is negative and in what ways, and am trying to learn from their lives. I love that I can now separate myself from that web. I still lose my way in the subconscious comfort of it and walk right into that web again and again, but at least I have developed a feel for it, so I tend to realise after a while,and swiftly just walk outta there. It's easier with the knowledge that I'm not stuck. I'll catch myself frowning or not feeling great and so I'll peep into the show I'm running in my mind and am feeeling, and know that as comforting as it is to watch those old familiar re-runs, I need to press Stop because,like watching an old tv programme, it's not teaching me anything new and I'm not developing, and I will just leave the show feeling stale, as I do after watching tv (generally) So, as I have before, I am moving ahead and I will again have slip ups but I tend to treat them like trips and not major falls :)

VT London

Dear Gary
Thank you so much for writing your latest book 'The Question is'. It is truly an extraordinary read. So much valuable information. The knowledge you impart is truly rewarding to those who all read. I know I will reread this book, and a must to pass on to others. Thank you for this compilation of knowledge and love. Each paragraph adds more and more to my storehouse. Knowledge I will put to use in my life. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for creating and sharing with us all. Merry Christmas to you also.


I am at the last pages of your book Gary (The Question Is). I am at this point of my life that I've read so much evidence that I am convinced and know that everything is and comes from this energy called God. Knowing all this stuff doesn't mean I live by it all the time. It is only since 4 years now that I'm on this track, before that I was sleeping/eyes shut. Now I have to work out for myself how I want my life to be and in that staying close to my core-being. Every emotion, every physical problem is a doorway closer to who I am, to more wisdom. I'm not fully awake yet, but steadily making progress. Working on the unconditional love thing. Wishing you all the best. Much Love.


Hi Gary,
I just wanted to say 'thank you' for sharing your free articles and information on your website. I am constantly seeking tools to expand my own self consciousness - presently going through counseling too - but have been quite frustrated with many of the 'spiritual development' sites found on the web. There seems to be a plethora of these and yet they all seem to me to be rather disempowering in their advice and 'understandings' to some extent - I found it extremely refreshing to stumble upon your site and to find some words of encouragement and comfort (in reading words of truth) from your quotes and articles, which have inspired me to keep moving onwards and upwards, despite my ideals and truth becoming rather lofty by 'layman' terms. I was in need of some reassurance I think, as the road to 'gold' can feel quite lonely when there seems to be very few other travellers upon it. Your site seemed to give me what I needed. Thanks again for the web site, I hope you continue to be successful in your work for years to come.

Nick C

Hi Gary.
I've been meaning to send this, when I got your news letter I read it from start to finish. That's unusual for me, but the content was so inspiring and relevant that I couldn't stop. It's a great idea and I encourage you to make many more. Best wishes,


Gary's book (We are here to know ourselves) gives a good blueprint on how to begin your journey to enlightenment. I have been reading many books through the years along these lines and the author with his experience and developed philosophies, in my opinion, sets the reader on the right track. The book gives a basic moral code without judgment for those who may be starting their journey towards enlightenment and fresh ideas for those who are looking to learn new facets of our reality. The addition of the articles at the end of the text is the proverbial icing on the cake and much information may be found there. I have read this book 3 times and was able to get something new out of it each time around. A really nice read!



I changed an emotional mind hook by applying the technique on page 226 -228 of We Are Here To Know Ourselves. I implemented the instructions on Monday, September 7 and today Friday, September 11, the intensity of the emotions was gone. Situation: My seduction and sexual skills were unsatisfactory for years with Martha and my emotional development of this situation was so intense that I felt powerless. Friday, Martha comes back from work and says she fell in love with a guy momentarily and I did not say anything as the thought ran through me. I ran it a few times and I felt no emotional response, in fact I dealt/rehearsed this scenario that I fretted over in the past even though it has never happened. I spoke to her about this and I still felt no emotional intensity.

What is this or what process can this be called? I had no idea how to address emotions in my life, sort of like men are not allowed to express how they feel. I have done this with another situation that plagued me and now I recall I have not thought about the situation for a while.

Matthew M

(Hi Matthew

I'm obviously pleased that my 'piece' was/is able to help you. It's just my method of dealing/clearing emotions...so I guess you could call it ECT for Emotional Clearing Technique...)

Greetings Gary

Thank you for this...(refering to article 'run your emotional stories') of course it was absolutely perfect timing, as I was in the last few days of allowing myself to get dragged back into an old painful story, crying for days and in a moment of loving peace requested help to pull me from the tar baby....checked email and here is the help!

Believe I departed hell as I read it and returned back to heaven....off to enjoy the day full of adventures yet unknown...but non the less Joyful.

(2nd email)

Thank you for the loving support, I do appreciate it and am grateful for your presence on the planet, especially at this time.

My "ditches" are extremely temporary these days, compared to the past...I am in full trust that when I ask for help and am willing to live in the absolute moment listening with full awareness, the assistance appears quite instantly and the other morning when my ditch threatened to become a black hole, I was told to get up and check email, I did and there you were and that is the way it has been in my reality.

I am surrendered to being in the moment and not making a drama out of anything, as the drama only keeps the viscous cycle of negativity rapidly spiraling like it was ignited with jet fuel...don't care for that experience much as in the past it certainly served my victim but it does not serve the light being and the service I choose. ....tough to be available to help others if I am always in need...so I balanced that out and yes I need an occasional reminder and of course a hug every once in a while - so thank you for sending them all in one email.

As I stood on the edge of the chasm contemplating jumping over the edge to plummet into hell, your email lifted my wings, flying me to heaven instead, and flipped my upcoming day from nonsense to being one of service instead.


'We Are Here To Know Ourselves' is partly a bio of Gary's journey to awakening. It is written in an honest, engaging style which makes it very easy to read. Within the journey are some nuggets of gold - some truths that everyone who is struggling to awaken should know. The book touches on a number of different lineages of thought and teaching, hopefully resonating with the reader to an extent that they will pursue their own journey. Ultimately this is the purpose of the book, exactly as it states in the title, we are truly here to know ourselves and in this journey, come to awakening.

D Clyant

Dear Gary,

I appreciate the emails you send. They are very thought provoking and action inducing. Thank you for sharing of yourself in this way. Much appreciated.


Gary... i dont know what's going on but I just broke down completely and something compelled me to check my mail... i feel such comfort from your words. you're so kind and, sincerely, 'thank you'. be it flattery or truth but it moved me to tears (well, more of them) - i really needed to hear/read those words, especially nr. 13.

i was honestly in tears and 'snorting' lavender oil to calm myself because i felt my chest closing. - if that wasn't divine intervention, then i don't know what is. usually no-one's there for me when im in a state, and it feels wonderful when someone is - especially a wise man such as yourself:) i hope that i can be there for you when you need a friend. thank you again for taking time out for me. i really appreciate your friendship.

All the best.


Hi Gary,

thought this one was brilliant! its amazing when you realise how much stuff you have to change about yourself when you read things like this! its definately an eye opener!

Hope all is good with you


(Mel is referring to my article 'Will you let me love you?')

You are like someone created to just answer my requests when I put them out there into the oneness. Woke up the other day feeling that I was ready for yet another change but didn't know what. Sat down at the computer and there was the link to the quantum jumping. Watched that and immediately began to play with the information as it felt like something I was already doing, yet I was visiting my future self rather than another present self. Had an encounter with at least three of me in the present reality of their individual successful dreams and I even worked a bit with the so called 'bleeding'. Then this morning I awoke and thought there is more to this I need to know and there was another email from you with exactly what I asked for!

So thanks for listening and responding. I really appreciate you.

In light with love from heaven on earth.


I loved reading your book. A woman, especially a mother, understands more closely what unconditional love is. Loving your child no matter what. A man, because his thought is power, would need to work much harder to understand and feel unconditional love. We came into this life to recognise our God principal. Whether or not we like it - we are in one diverse mind. We are not separate beings. Nothing is separate. Your book is so frequency aligned with the great teachings of Ancient Wisdom and your Insights allow the sleeping to wake up, in simple terms, by making better choices to improve their lives. We just need to expand the experience of God - as individuals evolving. Humanity could not even dream up a lofty thought, even if it tried to, because it's so tuned into its addictions.

Here is a wonderful opportunity to anchor your thoughts in a new reality for yourself by yourself. Allow change in you and take your power back. Growing from the adolescent to being mature in mind and taking up your own responsibility to redefine and renew yourself.

Bonita Lai Reflexologist

Just fantastic Gary!! What a GREAT perspective! One of the things that I love the most about it - is that not many people can even understand or conceive of these ideas right now --- and YET.... there is probably SO much more that we don't know BEYOND it.... I love that. The mystery - the discovery - the uncovering and remembering! SO amazing and SO fun!!

Sending you LOVE! Thank you for your writings my friend!



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